Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Our Prints are on the telly!

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Hurrah!!  Our artwork and prints were on the telly in ITV's 'Rebuild Our Home'….we are so excited!

Presenter Nicky Campbell and designer Julia Kendell show the re-building of Mary and Joe Bruce's house in Glasgow, which was engulfed in flames on Christmas Day last year.

We were approached to design a bespoke artpiece/collage which contained salvaged and restored, cherished family photographs (all thought to have perished in the fire). 

This was unveiled to an emotional Mary and Joe as they walked into their new front room. The bespoke art piece was displayed with 2 of our framed prints (Antique sewing machine & Victorian dome with butterflies)

It was a really lovely project to be involved in and working with Julia Kendell and the show's production team at RDF fitted in perfectly with how we feel about the positivity of Community Spirit.
We were so pleased Mary and Joe liked it!


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