Tuesday, 16 October 2012

A bit about my passion

Welcome to Roo Abrook blog on all things patterned, designed, art, vintage, etc.

I am designing and making art, all of the time, but at the moment I really enjoy producing Collaged Keepsakes.

These are made using tactile antique book covers, beautiful vintage franked french postage stamps, oldtime musical score sheets and metallic gold hand pulled screen prints combined with photography and illustration.

Designs incorporate hand drawn butterflies, birds, swallows, owls, kestrels, black birds, storks, bunny rabbits, victorian fans, circus horses, flames, skulls, victorian frames, tattoo ribbons n scrolls, roses, teardrops, rainbows, clouds and stars.

I have a passion for print and pattern used on wallpapers, textiles and ceramics. I also collect vintage and antique papers that I discover in old books and ephemera.

for more of my work please visit www.rooabrook.co.uk

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